On 06 June 2002
at a gasoline station in Inglewood, California, Black motorist Coby Chavis Jackson, is stopped by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies. Inglewood police arrived as backup, and White policeman Jeremy Morse questions the motorist about his suspended driver's license and expired license plates. The motorist's mentally retarded son, Donovan Jackson, 16, reacts in a way that angers the policeman who handcuffs the boy.
      At this point, in a motel room across the street, Mitchell Crooks, 27, notices the commotion and starts videotaping it. The tape shows Morse slamming Donovan head first into a police car and slugging him in the face as other policemen converge.
      After the news come out, several persons would complain that Morse had brutalized them, including Nelson Williams who would say that, on 23 June 2002, Morse and other policemen had beaten him so badly that he fell into a coma.
      On 11 July 2000 Mitchell Crooks is arrested on pre-existing Placer County warrants for petty theft and driving under the influence of alcohol with a hit-and-run.

The images (taken from video) show Inglewood police officers picking up handcuffed mentally retarded Donovan Jackson, 16, [>>>]

and then slamming him [<<<] onto a police car, Saturday 06 July 2002 in Inglewood, California.